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Our Delivery Policy

General Orders

Delivery within Singapore is chargeable at S$20.00 (subjective to prevailing gst) per trip with exception of deliveries after 5pm. There is no delivery to restricted areas in Singapore including but not limited to, Sentosa and any restricted areas listed under "No Delivery to Sentosa and Restricted Areas".  When placing your order, please identify the date on which your order is to be delivered. All orders must be received two working days in advance (Order cut off time (Mon - Fri): 3pm / (Sat): 12pm / (Sun / PH): Non working day), all orders received after the cut off time will be considered as next working day order, but please refer to the following delivery schedule for specifics:  


Delivery Timings (Singapore Time)

Delivery Charges

Monday – Friday

08:00hrs - 12:00hrs

$20 (before GST)

12:00hrs - 17:00hrs

$20 (before GST)

17:00hrs - 20:00hrs

$30 (before GST)



08:00hrs - 12:00hrs

$20 (before GST)

12:00hrs - 17:00hrs

$20 (before GST)

Sunday & Public Holiday


Not Applicable


Redelivery and Redirection Charges

For redelivery and redirection of orders, it will be regarded as a new trip hence delivery is chargeable at the full rate.

No Delivery to Sentosa and Restricted Areas

Kindly note that there will be no delivery for the following areas:

Airport Cargo Complex

All Army Camps

All PSA Ports

All Shipyards

Jurong Island

Sentosa Island